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Welcome to the ‘New Normal’ 2021

Portrait of Barbara Hankins

We can turn negatives into positives

Barbara Hankins MSc was able to turn negative life events into opportunities for life-long learning and growth.

Being made redundant at a pivotal time in her life triggered childhood PTSD.  She got angry but used the strength of the emotion to turn her life around.

We are more capable than we think

Undertaking Psychometric Assessments in London Barbara discovered problem solving and analytical skills within the top 2% in the country.

This led to her role as Information Officer and Tourist Information Centre Manager for a Regional Tourist Board.

She became an Entrepreneur in Hong Kong in 1988/9.  Returning to the UK and as a Catalyst for Change, Barbara built a successful multi-sector, multi-project career.

The gift and message of Covid-19

“the future is ours to create”

Barbara’s mission is to give HOPE:

  1. For a better future after redundancy because she knows people are born with innate talents that await opportunities to ‘bring them out‘.
  2. To assist companies regenerate to become re-humanised conscious businesses.

For Individuals:

Being made redundant can change our lives for good or bad. It can trigger past traumas or create new ones, leading to release of strong emotions.  Fear may crumble the foundation on which we built our lives.

The resulting sense of loss can be overwhelming but at some stage our rational self will awaken because we can distance ourselves from the pain.

Barbara decided to pivot to support those made or being made redundant.

For Businesses:

You long to get everyone back into the fold but recognise the pandemic has changed people.

The work environment post COVID requires a complexity mind-set and collaboration with employees

Business will be rehumanised because employees will have more say and want acknowledgement of their skills and experience.  They know their roles better than leaders, as demonstrated by how they adapted to work from home.

A business is only as good as its people – will you rise to the challenge or sink into oblivion?


Do you want to know more?

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The shock of redundancy can help raise aspirations.  Identifying intrinsic Motivations will help them assess their previous role and identify changes.

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Our Services

Inclusive, regenerated businesses value their people as human beings. Their Leaders work with everyone in Partnerism.


Barbara has played an instrumental role in our review of People Management & Development providing a high quality survey and assistance in an ongoing capacity.  We’d recommend Catalyst for Change services to anyone wishing to reflect on their people….’ Vivienne Findlay, Managing Director, HotelShop UK

‘Not only did Catalyst for Change propel our journey towards IIP Accreditation, it also gave us an insight into the current disparities of our strategic and operational processes.  Barbara was informative and professional and helped drive us on to achieve Silver Accreditation with Investors in People’ – Rob Veale, Director of Operations, HotelShop UK

‘Barbara delivered on all the objectives I set for her.  She worked over and above what I required of her and her enthusiasm for the subject matter was great.  I can strongly recommend Barbara as a Consultant who gives great value for money’ – Deputy Director of HR, NHS Foundation Trust

Whatever the assignment, her approach was always professional and above all demonstrated an exceptional commitment to implementing her recommendations’ CEO Manufacturing SME

‘The complex job of re-aligning to match the best talents to the right job was always going to be a prickly issue.  The talent of CfC released us from these problems and we have now gone on with considerable and profitable growth’ – Andrew Drysdale, Drysdale Brothers (Larbert) Ltd, Stirling, Scotland

Our children and grandchildren deserve a ‘living’ world – not a dying one