MIA™ Gap Diagnostic

Vision for the Future


Personal & Professional Transformation by identifying individual’s Intrinsic Motivators that lead to success


Because the World needs Human Development Equality for All and Decent Work


By supporting people made redundant as a result of COVID19 to decide their own futureand obtain good and decent work

Think about it
What do you want – a Job or a Career?

If you’ve been made redundant, either fairly or unfairly, it’s now time for you to take control of your Life and your Career.

You may be feeling a sense of loss, uncertainty or even depression at losing your job and/or career.  Perhaps you want to just quickly find another job without really thinking through what just happened.

This is the ideal time to reassess, understand and perhaps raise your aspirations

  • Do you want to go to work just for the money or to be able to get in touch with your passion?
  • Do you know what you’re looking for in terms of a culture and working environment to inspire you to achieve your true potential?

Perhaps you’ve been working from home and loved the autonomy it’s given you – no micro-manager looking over your shoulder, being in charge of your own timetable, being able to be more productive, engaged and creative.

Would you like to identify what’s possible for you to aspire to?

Get in touch with your passion

Identify your motivations

Re-evaluate your future needs

Our MIA™ Diagnostic can help you to do that by assessing your experience with your last employer and identify what you’ve learned about yourself during lockdown.

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