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By regenerating 21stC Business and Wo/men

The Status Quo

82% of the pre-COVID UK workforce was disengaged or ambivalent about their job or company, so was costing £52-£70Billion per year in lost productivity.  It was the most negative in Western Europe. (Gallup)

Business was decimated by the Pandemic and will result in an estimated UK unemployment rate of 2.6million or 7.4% by mid-2021.

CHANGE is here to stay – driven by the rise in Automation, AI, growth of ESG and change to stakeholder capitalism and an increase in intangible assets as primary source of value and increased emphasis on employee wellbeing. (Willis Towers Watson and World Economic Forum 2021)

The importance of People to business has risen to the top of Board Agendas

A focus on Corporate Culture is one of the intangible Value drivers that affects a company’s ability to execute its long term strategy.  The impact of changes on the way people work and businesses produce value across industries, economies and societies redefines the future of work.

Creating an inclusive working environment that enables employees’ voices to be heard lets them know they are respected and valued, so will relieve workplace stress.  Such action begins the process of rehumanising and regenerating business.

For Businesses

  1. Will this change how you do business?
  2. How will you deal with the sense of loss remaining employees have for their team mates who were made redundant?
  3. Will you establish the trust that was missing before COVID-19 forced you to change?

For Individuals who have been made redundant:

  1. Did life control you or were you in the driving seat?
  2. Were you where you wanted to be at this time in your lives?  If not, why not?
  3. Where do you wish to be in the future and who would you like to become?

The first question I will ask both Businesses and Individuals is:  How can I help you?

By challenging the status quo we can also do what is right for the whole of society

What will you do?

Barbara has long advocated for the level of change that has now been thrust upon us by COVID-19.

She has a broad skill set, varied sector experience including International and a track record of successful projects with Case Studies.

Our Service offerings

                                       Businesses:                                                                                                        Individuals:

                                       Transformational culture change                                                            Mentoring

                                        Employee engagement                                                                               MIA™ Assessment

                                        Team building to resolve business issues                                            An initial 30 minute chat (f.o.c) 

                                         Workforce development                                                                            Workshop (in collaboration with Certainty One)

                                         Reconnection with Intrinsic Motivations                                              


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Young people, the employees of the future, need to have HOPE for regenerated and rehumanised workplaces